Artificial Intelligence AI: The future of Management.

Artificial intelligence AI is in the context of a human after all humans are the most intelligent creatures. We know off AI is a broad branch of computer science.

The goal of AI is to create systems that can function intelligently & independently humans can speak and listen to communicate through language.

This is the field of speech recognition much of speech recognition is statistically based hence it's called statistical learning .

Humans can write and read text in a language this is the field of NLP or natural language processing humans can see with their eyes and process what they see this is the field of computer vision falls under the symbolic way for computers to process information .

Artificial Intelligence AI

Recently, there has been another way which I’ll come to later humans recognize the scene around them through their eyes which create images of that world. This field of image processing which even though is not directly related to AI machine learning is required for computer vision humans can understand their environment and move around fluidly this is field of robotics.

Humans have the ability to see patterns such as grouping of like objects this is the field of pattern recognition machines are even better patternrecognition .

They can use more data and dimensions of data this is the field of machine learning now let’s talk about the human brain as a network of neurons and we use these to learn things. If we can replicate the structure and the function of the human brain.


We might be able to get cognitive capabilities in machines this is the field of neural networks . If these networks are more complex and deeper or
we use those to learn complex things that is the field of deep learning.

The learning of machines has a different types which are essentially to
different techniques for replicate the human brain does if we get the network to scan images from left to right top to bottom.

Machine learning

It’s a convolution neural network a CNN is used to recognize objects in a scene. This is how computer vision fits in an object recognition is accomplished through AI humans .

It can remember the past like what you had for dinner last night well at least most of you we can get a neural network to remember a limited past .

But this is a recurrent neural network as you see there are two ways . A one eye works is symbolic based and another is data based for the database side called a machine learning.

How Artificial Intelligence AI works in real sense ?

Firstly, We need to feed the Machine lots of data before it can learn for . Example if you had lots of data for sales versus advertising spend .

Secondly You can plot that data to see some kind of a pattern . Also the machine can learn this pattern then it can make predictions based on what it has learned..

How AI works in real sense?

while one or two or even three dimensions is easy for humans to understand and learn . Machines can learn in many more dimensions like even hundred or thousands that’s why machines can look at lots of high dimensional data and determine patterns once it learns these patterns.


You use information about the customers to assign new customers for a group like adults then you’re classifying that customer .

-If you use data to predict if they’re likely to defect to a competitor then you’re making a prediction . So there is another way to think about learning algorithms which is used for ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AI. If you train an algorithm with data that also contain the answer then it’s called supervised learning.


Ex:- You might want feed the data about celestial objects in the universe . Further expect the machine to come up with patterns in that data by itself.

-If you give any algorithm a goal and expect the Machine through trial and error to achieve that goal then it’s called reinforcement learning .

Example : A robot’s attempt to climb over the wall until it succeeds .


Advantage and Disadvantage of Artificial intelligence AI


-In the absence oh humans machine will take risk with help of a Artificial intelligence.
-Human mistakes will reduce up to many extent. Ex- prediction of natural disaster.
-It provide a digital assistance ex-chatbot and voice bot for customers queries.

-It has the ability take a decision at faster rate .
-This will help you 24 hours .ex- call centers and helpline centers.
-Apps like Siri ,Alexa or OK google will help you to reduce you efforts and save us time.


AI has no emotions.
-It in increase the rate of un employments.

-It is quiet expensive to setting up.

future of Artificial Intelligence AI

Don’t waste your time to think I suggest you “How to become a AI professional in simple way ?”

-Join a online classes You’ll find an collections of courses on artificial and machine learning get ready for AI projects. They’ll help you learn all the requires lessons and provide you the necessary training to become an expert on subjects.

-Moreover you have to try some efforts for self learning AI also through internet . Because it will expand your knowledge to another extent .
You tube , Google or many more website has all the assets . which you want to learn AI technology.

future of artificial learning

Today’s AI is improvise sectors like AI banking, AI healthcare, AI finance , AI agriculture or many sectors like this .


Artificial intelligence has a huge scope in future So this is the right time for AI learning. In other words, in next few years every new technology based upon a artificial intelligence.

AI would raise the understanding of a intelligence and give a impressive array application in a wide range of areas .

In addition to this many of big company like google , Amazon, Microsoft AI all working to establishing Artificial intelligence setup .

It show that there is huge scope in this field.

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