Master How To Use Google Pay In Just A Few Minutes!

As we know mates everybody wants to be cashless and technology-oriented. So guys here is a Google Pay transactional app that is more trusted or having a smooth interface for use. In this article, we’ll explore that How to use Google Pay step by step.

In 2021 technology is sum up of everything or if you didn’t wish to mold yourself according to it. Then it means you are lacking behind everyone. Moreover, according to the Industry forecast, Google pay is having 100 million users up to 2020

Google Pay also works as a digital wallet. You can use it to send and receive money from your friends and family or anyone you want from wherever and whenever.

Although You can use it in an app to pay for a good or service heck. You can also able to have the benefits of this app at Restaurant and Stores.

Moreover, Google Pay replaces Google Wallet and Android pay essentially the way these works is your debit card, and credit card information is stored securely on Google’s servers now. If you feel at all iffy about any of that then well maybe

Google pay isn’t for you but that being said. Google Pay is more secure and faster to use than a physical card instead of actual card numbers.

If you want to know How to use Google Pay before that these things you must do.

Steps for Installing the App

  • Firstly, you should get the Google pay app from a play store.
  • Then add the phone number and signing with your google account.
  • After this add a bank account and boom then GPay is ready to use.
how to use google pay

Ways of Transfer the Funds.

  • With QR codes.
  • Phone Numbers.
  • UPI ID.
  • Bank transfer (There you just need to enter the bank details of whom you wish to transfer the money).

There is another option in this app which is called a ‘SELF TRANSFER’. In this, you just only transfer the funds to your own account. but Before transfer firstly there is a guideline of Google Pay you just need to know that you could only send money to another account of yours, not to the same one.

This app provides a very simple interface to understand all these with a clear mention in two section
Transfer from ” and “Deposit info “.

Google has a token also known as a virtual account number which is sent to your merchants when you make a purchase. Before payment Google Pay wants to know your location well it can notify you if you’re in a place that accepts Google Pay.

Enter your PIN or sign the receipt. When the payment is accomplished a blue checkmark will appear on your screen. One thing is sure after this all processes it makes him more secure and trustable on which the user can reliable also.

There are other interesting features which are written further in this article:-

1. Donation
2. Book Train, Tab, buses, and flight ticket.
3. Bill payments
4. Order food
5. Finance
6. Shopping
7. local services or Games
8. How to use Google pay rewards.
9. How to use google pay Offers
10. Referrals

Let’s Elaborate these all features briefly one by one 

1. Donation:-

In COVID-19 pandemics everyone wants to help the needy ones. But that period people are not able to come outside the houses. Because everyone wants to secure their lives and their loved ones.

At that bad phase of time, This app also provides the opportunity to contribute or help those who are really needy. Users can also provide help in many ways like food, clothes, shelter, and among all others.

Due to the secure, clean, and easy interface of the app, it is very simple for donation. In 2021 this app gives the same opportunity for earning good deeds just needs to be updated with the app. You just need to select the NGO and complete the donation.

2. Book train, Buses, and flight ticket:-

Google Pay India also launches many features. which make our life worthwhile. While using this app we easily book the Tab, buses, train, and flight tickets, and trusted companies are tie-up with them on which the user could easily rely on them.

If come here to read these articles ‘How to use Google Pay ‘ then mate this is the best section for you. Simply we can say that this makes users multitasker by providing this single platform. Due to this user save their time and extra money expenses.

3. Bill Payments:-

Here is a very exciting thing that this app provides an option for the user for paying their bills and recharge like DTH/Cable TV, Electricity, postpaid mobile, google play, broadband, Education, Recharge, Piped gas, water, Insurance, Loan EMI payments, Hospitals, and among all others.

4. Order Food:

Who does not want to have the food with one click on doorsteps. So here’s you should know one thing many international companies like Doordash, Zomato, Uber eats, Barista, Starbucks, and others were tie upon them.

So just need to select the restaurant and your desired food which you want to have or pay through the app.

5. Finance:-

Everybody wants to be rich. So investing the money in mutual funds or share markets is a way in which people sometimes get success overnight. So here Google pay is connecting with Grow, Zest money, Snapmint, Fisdom, and all other apps.

Here the user will get the right information on how to, where to, and the right time of investing money. Google Pay to help them during this with interruption-free funds transfer to the apps wallets.

6. Shopping:-

An app like AJIO, cool winks, woohoo, CALLLOSANGELES, Fabnest, and among other apps or E-commerce ventures. which is united with the app. Due to this versatility of the app is also increased.

7. Locals Services or Games:-

Google pay allows us to have the benefits of local services like Rapido,playo, Kormo jobs, Urban company, Practo. In this user will easily find out the Expert, Doctor, Search jobs, or get Rides.

Google pay is also coming up with games. Users will able to come here and refresh their minds by playing games like 99balls,bolly beats, Diwali light, and many more like this.

8. How to use Google pay rewards:-

When a user sends money to others at that time Google Pay Rewards that user with some of the bucks. Though it raises according to the maximum transaction you do.

That is an experience of mine and assumption also. In this high inflation period, no one wants to leave a single penny.

If a thought comes to your mind that ‘how to use Google Pay rewards’ so friends it is very simple and crystal clear. After every transaction, there is one scratch coupon raises on the interface screen.

You just need to scratch that and get rewards to your primary account that linked up in the Next Five working days.

9. How to use google pay Offers:-

Simple we elaborate this with it’s depends upon how much you use the app. The maximum you use maximum you get the offers. Offers like play store Recharge code, magic pin, Mcdonald’s, free fire, woohoo, Redbus, yatra, and naming others.

These offers come along with a coupon code where you just fill the code and the other is to book the offer and get an instant discount.

10. Referrals:-

At last but not the list it also provides Referrals earnings. The user just needs to refer the app to your friends and family. If they install the app on their mobile phone and ready to use it. Then on their first payment, you will get the amount of the referrals in your account.

CONCLUSION:-In the end, if we accumulated all this stuff which is written ‘How to use Google Pay‘. It is an efficient and revolutionary app. Which helps to make the life of the user worthwhile. It reduces human effort and complexity in their life. The user just visits once in an app then they get what they want without going anywhere.

DISCLAIMER:- The Observation and Research of this article in on a Google Pay India app .

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